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Distance calculations are based on each listed breeders' mailing address town and are calculated to within +/-5 miles in a direct line horizontally or vertically (air distance, as the crow flys) from the user's selected location [example]. The actual distance to the listed breeders may be slightly more or less than indicated by the selection box. In addition, the breeders' locations will very likely be outside of or on the outskirts of their listed town. No warranty of accuracy is expressed or implied.

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Major roads are red, state boundries are black
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An Example: 150 miles distance selected
Place on map that was clicked: Denver, CO
Nearest Breeder Example

The four sides of the box are each 150 miles from Denver. Note that the diagonal distance from Denver to the corners of the box (indicated by the thin white line) is 211.75 miles. All listed breeders within the box will be reported.